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  • How Serious Are Airbag Defects?

    Airbags are without question on of the most important safety features in modern vehicles. Over the years, these devices have saved untold lives, and have prevented numerous injuries, including many catastrophic injuries. Although we purchase vehicles in part because of their safety features and because we know that we will have an effective line of protection in the event of a collision, there are ...
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  • Record Number of People Ignoring Record Number of Auto Recalls

    There are currently more than 45 million cars and trucks on the road that have yet to have important safety-related recall issued corrected, according to the Post Bulletin . In fact, this trend has some people wondering if the overwhelming number of recalls that the U.S. has recently seen is having a numbing effect on consumers. Shockingly, recent data reveals that the most high-volume and ...
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  • Most Truck Accidents Result from FMCSA Violations

    When large commercial trucks become involved in accidents with much smaller and lighter passenger vehicles, the passenger vehicle and its occupants will almost always suffer the most damage. Thousands of people are severely injured or killed each year in preventable truck accidents – in fact, the number of truck accidents has increased approximately 20 percent over the past two decades. In order ...
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  • Master Class: Rodney Jew with Kip Robertson

    Litigation Strategist Rodney Jew, together with Kip Robertson of Bartimus Frickleton and Robertson, P.C. will both be speaking at a Master Class seminar this August. Bringing together some of the most talented lawyers in the country, the seminar will allow participants to build their legal knowledge in an interactive setting. Well known for his experience and legal wisdom, Rodney Jew is described ...
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  • FDA Recalls Are Too Slow & Require ‘Immediate Attention,’ Report Found

    A government report found the FDA is too slow to recall dangerous foods, putting consumers at serious risk of harm. The report – released earlier this month – stated the FDA doesn’t have standardized policies in place to make sure voluntary food recalls are timely. Issued by Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the report described ...
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  • Appeals Court Reverses District Court Decision in Electrocution Death Case

    The Kansas Court of Appeals has ruled that a district court judge was too quick to absolve the city of Salina of negligence in the electrocution death of a young girl back in 2013, reversing the original decision and ordering it back to the Saline County District Court. This likely means that the civil case brought against the city of Salina by the girl’s parents will be decided by a jury. The ...
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