Michael Radar Settles Wrongful Death Suit for Policy Limits

Attorney Michael Radar, of Bartimus Frickleton and Robertson, P.C., recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $250,000.00. The victim had been riding his motorcycle southbound on Wornall Road when he was struck by a motorist who pulled out of a parking lot into the southbound lanes. The result was a violent, and deadly, collision. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind a wife and two young children.

After navigating through complex insurance issues, working with accident investigators, and retaining experts for the case, Attorney Radar was able to resolve the case for policy limits – or, the maximum amount recoverable. If you have lost a loved one under similarly negligent circumstances, please do not hesitate to find out how a Missouri personal injury attorney at Bartimus Frickleton and Robertson, P.C. can assist you.